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The Earth Centre Values

At the Earth Centre, everything that is done and studied focuses on environmental sustainability and climate change.

All students at the Earth Centre are expected to be immersed in understanding, developing, and discussing:
  • the challenges of climate change and how to manage land, plant and soil ecology based on ecological principles to increase absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and build up reserves of carbon in the soil.
  • the role and ecological importance and complexity of oceans and freshwater supplies.
  • the policies and economic instruments needed for environmental sustainability and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that guide human behaviour towards a sustainable future.

In addressing these objectives the learning focus is on practical study - “learning by doing”. Students at the Earth Centre will always be able to talk about what they have “done” and what they have “achieved” in addition to what they have “learned”.

We will always:
  • encourage and support our students to work independently
  • ensure that all students are developing practical skills whenever possible
  • focus our learning on experience in the field
  • support students in completing projects and work experience to enhance their university and career prospects.