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Kingsley School, Bideford

Situated in Bideford, Devon, Kingsley is an academically successful school with a fantastic reputation for supporting students of all abilities.

The most recent cohort of Kingsley leavers achieved a fantastic 51% A*-A grades (including A levels and BTECs), significantly higher than the national average. With students regularly achieving places at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, Kingsley can provide academic stretch for the brightest students, with a designated tutor to move beyond the set curriculum.

The school is also CRESTED accredited with dedicated resources for children who require differentiated support, including Dyslexia, Autism, and Nurture centres.

Kingsley is an inclusive school with a strong ethos of community and supporting children based on their individual needs.

“Kingsley School is best described as a close-knit community, a school which helps children come out of their shell, develop friendships with other students, deepen their confidence and achieve their best academic performance. The school provides students with much smaller class sizes than a typical school, or indeed other independent schools, giving students the sensation of living and learning in a family setting.

Students are also positively encouraged to form an active part of the school community; daily form times and assemblies involving all students and staff provides every one the chance to voice concerns or problems, providing an active dialogue between student and teacher. Forming part of a community environment means students in schools such as Kingsley School develop a unique sense of togetherness during their entire school career.

Kingsley prides itself is on the leadership and confidence boosting opportunities for children in all year groups, from nursery to sixth form. Students will leave school with outstanding leadership qualities and a new found confidence, standing them in good stead for future studies and life after education.”

Mrs Gill Jackson, Headteacher