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The Ecology Zone

The Ecology Zone is a field station and agricultural research centre that is attached to the Earth Centre. It is based on the school campus and also operates as a commercial horticultural enterprise supplying fresh organic produce to the school and local community.

The Ecology Zone provides an almost infinite number of opportunities for students to learn practical skills in both scientific investigation and in running a successful horticultural enterprises run on ecological principles. The Ecology Zone is where many students will complete the project and practical work required for their BTEC and the EPQ A level qualifications.

As the Ecology Zone is also run as a commercial horticultural enterprise this also provides those interested in developing and practicing their business skills to participate in the marketing and sales strategies for the crops grown as well as to work on the business side of the operation. This is the perfect environment for completing the project work required for the BTEC in Business.

From September 2019, the Ecology Zone will consist of a pilot area at which students can study soil ecology and the basics of horticulture. From September 2020, it will change and grow based on students' work during the previous year, so students can see a direct impact of their studies on the direction and progress of the Zone.